It is already business as usual for companies and organizations to improve their resource efficiency and minimize the amount of emissions and waste on daily basis. In other words we are seeking to reduce our footprint. At the same time companies are developing products, services or technologies that reduce the environmental impacts of their customers. But how to assess and communicate environmental benefits of these actions? As footprint refers to the negative impacts, the term handprint is used to refer to positive impacts. This web page introduces a concept to assess and communicate the Carbon handprint of a product and follows up the development of Environmental handprint that are in line with life cycle assessment and footprint methods.

In contrast to footprints, which refers to the negative environmental impact throughout the life cycle of a product, the term handprint refers to the positive environmental impact of a product throughout its life cycle. VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd and LUT University have developed the new approaches for quantifying handprints based on standardized methods.


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