Sustainability and responsibility are at the core of international business operations, and the pioneers in these topics need tools to showcase their efforts reliably. Companies, e.g. in the cleantech and circular economy field, are providing and developing solutions needed in the battle against climate change. To gain competitive advantage, one must stand out from the rest. The project ‘Carbon neutrality empowered by handprint’ is advancing the business opportunities and competitiveness of companies by developing an international framework for companies to reliably and credibly show their 1) climate neutrality and 2) the positive environmental impacts (handprint) of circular economy solutions. In addition to VTT, LUT University, and participating leading companies, a group of large companies and SMEs representing various branches are taking part in the project.

The developed framework will be available for all companies to utilize in developing and marketing their offerings. An unambiguous, internationally approved framework for climate neutrality will provide companies the means for building a reliable and coherent environmental strategy and for reducing emissions systematically. A holistic and science-based framework for the environmental benefits of circular economy solutions will foster the exports of such solutions. Both frameworks support companies in adjusting to alternating operational environments, help them stand out, and speed up the commercialization of new solutions.

Final Seminar on February 14, 2024

We are delighted to invite you to the “Carbon Neutrality Empowered by Handprint – Final Seminar. Agenda and registration here.